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The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course Review

Scott Sullivan is becoming quite the popular guy in MMA/martial arts circles lately with his Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course ( )

As far as I can tell, this stuff is arguably the best Muay Thai instructional series currently on the market. I say this for 5 reasons:

  1. First, the material is very thorough for beginners. Scott spends a lot of time teaching the finer points of the basics.
  2. The instruction is relatively entertaining. I don't know how many times I've been put to sleep watching boring martial arts videos in the past. This stuff though is presented in an interesting fashion.
  3. The course is pretty well organized. The basics, Thai pads, punch mitts, etc. are all taught in a progressive fashion.
  4. The instruction is easy to follow.
  5. Sullivan has established credentials. Having trained with master Chai Sirisute for years, he brings a lot of knoweldge to the table.

The one drawback on this set is the price. It's a hefty $147 . But I guess if you consider how much it costs to actually join a gym, its pretty reasonable given the amount of material contained in this set.

The series also has advanced training sets, a special "Secrets from Thailand" set shot in Thailand with Thai trainers, and a counterattacking series.

If your'e new, try the original set first, then add the others if you feel like you need it.

(note - this series is also available at )

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